To ensure your new home’s lighting is simple,  flexible and intuitive to operate, Acclaro design, install and program Lutron and Rako smart lighting control systems.

Smart lighting systems utilise discrete custom engraved wall switches, to replace your conventional dimmers and switches, and allow a single button press to configure lighting scenes/moods in a room, group of rooms or throughout an entire building.

Popular examples of smart lighting scenes we program for our clients would be:

  • Welcome home: turns on the drive lights, hall lights and kitchen lights
  • Evening: sets soft relaxing lighting throughout the kitchen and reception rooms
  • Whole house off: the incredibly useful switch next to the front door

A smart lighting system will also integrate with your security systems, fire alarm, gate entry and electric blinds/curtains. Operation is simple and your lighting is used to enhance the safety and protection of your home.

Acclaro also have many years experience of integrating our lighting systems with wider home automation systems. We know exactly what information your automation company will need for the systems to integrate perfectly.

Lutron control

Smart control for your home